In regards to our eight hours with you today. . . well gosh . . . how to best say this without appearing to drool and fawn: You may just have spoiled us forever as travelers. To say only "Amazing...AMAZING...A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!" would be understatement. The simplicity, ease, fullness, specialness and personal quality with which you guided us and shared your wonderful delicious & nutritious world will always be with us. We can only hope you enjoyed it half as much as we did. Fully satisfying! If only we could create days like today every day when traveling in countries where we don't speak the language! The manner in which you extended yourself was like that of a good friend, rare and special. You are terrific! We will recommend you as a total cultural experience "to everyone".
Grazie mille! All the best!
David & Doretta

We had David & Doretta over for dinner last night and made the chestnut flour pappardelle with caramelized onions. They loved it! We even used the flour they purchased from the mill you took them to, its been in the fridge waiting since then! We all agreed that our time spent with you was a highlight of our respective trips. Abbracci,

You really did give a wonderful presentation. You can tell that you're doing what you love and you're just a natural at sharing the information. Quite often people in your field I think are very vague or use terms that fly right over my head. But you were very good at presenting everything in such a basic and relatable way, while still showing that you are obviously extremely knowledgeable about wine. I really did enjoy it.
Grazie e buona giornata,

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful time in your beautiful kitchen. Scott and I really enjoyed meeting you and learning about life in a little village (with a castle !!!) in Tuscany. Sitting outside in your garden was amazing. Your chosen recipes were so delicious. ... Your olive oil tasting was very educational and we learned so much! ... You are a great teacher and I will pass your name on to anyone I know who is visiting Tuscany. Your passion for the cuisine, the farmers and other producers and the local people are evident in your teachings.
Thank you so very much for sharing your kitchen, your home, your family, your delicious food, your warm personality, and your expertise!
Best Regards,

One of my favorite memories of our time with Elaine was the fall afternoon when she led me and a friend on a mountain hike, following a trail out of Loro Ciuffenna going almost straight up the mountain. She had, as always, done her homework, having hiked this trail previously. The beautiful trail was mostly woods, canopied in places, but with the occasional overlook spot where we could view the areas below. We also passed through a few small classic villages. The strenuous effort was rewarded in a small cafe in the village of La Rocca, with what I'll always remember as the absolute best cup of rich, steaming hot chocolate I've ever tasted, after which the walk back down the mountain was, one might say, a 'cakewalk.'